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Our volunteering programs aim to create a community where people in need can learn and live a prosperous life, building hope and successful mindset.

In our society, as in any other, factors such as economic, political, and cultural or demographic directly or indirectly affect lives and human behaviors bringing social differences that reflect in the growth and education of people living on it.

We receive and lead worldwide volunteers. Our volunteering program is based on our community projects and the provided leisure activities

Our projects

Volunteers interacting with young people in Inhambane.

English Club

The Smile English network is a non-profit educational and recreational activity provided to the community of Inhambane Town and to all those of their own free will. It is based in English classes, conceived three times a week, for adults, and once, for children. This counts on the other national and foreign volunteers.

Kids selling handcrafted bracelets in Vilankulos.

Common Shops

The Mozambican coast, especially the tourist spots, such as, Tofo, Barra and Vilankulo beaches, live a remarkable scenario of sad consequence for the children whom make their living by art without school support. In this context, Smile is saving and raising funds to soon build common shops/stores on these beaches, with the best monetization strategies to provide a great value to their arts and to encourage the children to return to school.

Artifacts exposition in Inhambane.

Monthly culture and art fairs

Mozambique has a wide cultural diversity and it is expressed in most cases by art and lifestyle. And in turn, Inhambane has talented artists in many areas that in many cases lack opportunities to shine. With this project, We intend to promote the artists and their works, as well as, disseminating them to the tour operators, thus creating opportunities to expose the local talents and products by running the fairs in different places each month.

Meet-up with students from ESUDER, in Vilankulos.

Successful Mindset

One of the major current issues facing the country towards its development is employability and financial education. Sadly, most young people in the country live unemployed. With this project, smile creates a space for debates, for young people and other interested parties, of themes related to financial education, employability, success and happiness, counting on the participation of high individualities in the business world.

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