About us

Smile Mozambique, is a tourism guide and volunteering company based in Inhambane Town, Mozambique. Acting in the tourism sector with a great focus on the conservation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage as well as in the development of the communities where we operate.

Our mission

Our mission is to spread Mozambique as a tourist destination, exploring in a sustainable and profitable way the natural and cultural heritage with social and environmental responsibilities inherent to heritage conservation, providing tourism guides and services that are appropriate to the needs of our clients and contributing to the development of the Country.

Our Goals

Mozambique has become these last years a touristic destination considered as the mirror of the tourism activity in Africa, possessing the best and most beautiful beaches for the practice of sun and beach tourism, including diving. Due to that, Smile Mozambique is searching solutions for the practice of sustainable tourism, with the following objectives

  • Create learning and work opportunities for Mozambicans most in need, with the involvement of local communities in tourism
  • Create unique experience for visitors compiling sun and beach tourism with outing and interaction with the local community
  • Create opportunities as well as to encourage the practice of ecotourism supported by rich cultural diversity and fauna and flora
  • Promote the valuation of natural and cultural heritage as a way of preserving the civic pride of cultural heritage.
  • Ensure customer safety and leisure of Mozambique as a touristic destination

  • Contribute to the development of the local economy in the tourism sector

Our values

Closeness to client

We treat everyone in the same and respective way, without looking at the social level, age, color or origin

Happiness and Sustainability

Smiling is the first key for happiness. We share smile with our clients, partners and community

Respect for different cultures

Being different is important to make the world interesting. Culture is the point of unity between Smile and all people around the world

Quality and Efficiency

Providing the best service, always on time is our first priority

Honesty and Transparency

We allow our clients and project donors to know the full details of our activities and its final purposes

Commitment and accountability

Our growth is based on the fulfilment of our promises and we take full responsibility of our clients in the first contact with them

What do we do after all?

Tour Guiding

We plan and run town tours and safari activities in Mozambique, that provide access to the beauties of the country with joy.

Volunteering programs

Our volunteering programs help communities in need to live a prosperous life and build hope. Our programs help young people to plan a successful life, learn the English language and send kids back to school.

Smile Mozambique Founder Smile Mozambique Founder

The founder

I am Benedito (Beny) Maunze, a Mozambican social activist and professional tour guide, born in Vilankulo and living in Inhambane Town.

I Started tour guiding as hobby in earlier 2009 and become professional in 2017.

One year later, In 2010, I attended African Impact English lessons and later served the same organization as school translator in 2011.

From 2012 to 2015 I was trained and served Sasol Petroleum International as junior process controller artisan in live/Natural gas processing plant, Temane.

In 2016 I started studying tourist information in Eduardo Mondlane University (ESHTI), course which I am still busy with, currently.

I can imagine that by now you are asking yourself “how can a chemical operator go for a tourism course? As nothing one has to do with another". Well, the answer is “Smile Mozambique”.

I strongly believe that each and every one of us when is born, is given two unconditional and blessed gifts. One (1) - Is life, which we must everyday be grateful for. And Two (2) is our imagination, which I will further call “dreams”, this brings happiness and if we don’t follow it, we can make as much money as we can or be the most prayers ever, but still be miserable for the rest of our lives, because we will be feeding the outside forces while we are being killed by inside spirit.

In this long journey called life I learned that anything you do for you, when you die you take it with you but everything you do for others when you die you leave it with them. So, my purpose in life is to bring smile in people’s life and help them writing their own books. Because I believe that smile is love, love is care and care is sharing. For me, smile is the beginning of everything, without it life wouldn’t make any sense.

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