Smile Mozambique

We are a tourism guide and volunteering company based in Inhambane Town, Mozambique, acting with a great focus on the conservation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage as well as in the development of the communities.

What guide us?

Closeness to client

We treat everyone in the same and respective way, without looking at the social level, age, color or origin

Happiness and Sustainability

Smiling is the first key for happiness. We share smile with our clients, partners and community

Respect for different cultures

Being different is important to make the world interesting. Culture is the point of unity between Smile and all people around the world

Quality and Efficiency

Providing the best service, always on time is our first priority

Honesty and Transparency

We allow our clients and project donors to know the full details of our activities and its final purposes

Commitment and accountability

Our growth is based on the fulfilment of our promises and we take full responsibility of our clients in the first contact with them


Sandra Wechsler

Trough Smile Mozambique I have found an amazing destination, which is always worthy visiting once again. It makes me feel at home, safe, welcome and there is always something more to see and enjoy.

Sandra Wechsler, Travel agent in Switzerland

Willie Hendriks

When you find Purpose in an Activity and Life ambition: You enjoy it. You are good at it. You have Success in doing it. And others are influenced by your doing of it. This is my personal experience whenever I’m involved with the Smile Mozambique team.

Willie Hendriks, From South Africa

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